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Cording of Piccadilly

Cording of Piccadilly, London. A very brief history of the best English sporting goods store!

Founded in 1839, Cording of Piccadilly is still doing what it does best--providing traditional British country clothing that is both exceptionally stylish and extremely durable.

As you'd expect from a store with a history as long as Cording it has had several brushes with history--such as supplying clothing to Sir Henry Stanley when he traveled to Africa in search of the missing Dr. Livingston, and then becoming the official provider of waterproof clothing to King George V.

Photo Credit Cording of Piccadilly

During the C20th Cording became synonymous with British country clothing, become especially famed for its covert coats, quilted fieldwear, and tattersall shirts.

Unfortunately, there are only so many British sporting aristocrats around to buy such clothing, and by 2003 Cording was in financial trouble--in part owing to its refusal to compromise on quality or lease its name. Luckily, a long-time customer loved the store so much he agreed to finance it, provided that he would have some say in running the business--such as, for example, persuading Cording to provide women's as well as men's clothing so his wife could shop there.

That customer was Eric Clapton.

With his help Cording is now back to its rightful place as the premier supplier of British outerwear... and has even deigned to open a "branch shop" in Yorkshire, the origin of much of its tweed!

Photo credit: Cording of Piccadilly.

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