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About our Store

WaterhollowTweed began over a decade ago when James Taylor (under the name Tweedydon) sold his first tweed jacket at Ask Andy. From there, he expanded his sales through the Style Forum and then the Fedora Lounge. In 2016, he opened a page on Facebook as Waterhollowtweed.  


WaterhollowTweed gets its name from the old farm where James lives with his family. Once a dairy farm, James and his wife, Margaret, now raise heritage chickens, ducks, and turkeys.  


WaterhollowTweed focuses on classic vintage and contemporary menswear, with an emphasis on Ivy Style and classic Americana. In addition to menswear, Waterhollowtweed offers a carefully selected range of womenswear and accessories.

The online shop opened in August, 2018. New items are added daily.

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