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Founded in 1851, Aquascutum has for decades been the main rival to Burberry and was the other primary supplier of the aptly-named trenchcoats to the officers of the British Army during the First World War. The name Aquascutum is derived from the Latin for "Water Shield", and was adopted after the company's founder patented his method of waterproofing wool for use in coats.

This coat carried on its label the Royal Warrant from Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother establishing Aquascutum as her official supplied of rainwear; since Queen Elizabeth died in 2002 this coat likely dates from the 1990s or earlier.

This coat comes complete with all of the features that you'd expect from am Aquascutum trench: It is double-breasted with gunflap, epaulettes, D-rings on the belt, Aquascutum's signature lining, a single center vent, and the deep interior pockets.

The external pockets are designed so that the wearer can access the deep interior pockets in the shell. Unlike Burberry trenches Aquascutum coats have the clever feature of buttons on the top and bottom corners of the external pocket flaps, so that these can be bent backwards when the buttons are undone allowing the wearer more leeway to negotiate larger objects in and out of the pockets.

This coat also has adjustable straps on the wrists; the buckles for these are leather-covered metal, as is the main buckle on the belt.

This model ALSO comes complete with its original button-in wool-rich liner, as well as the button-on wool collar.

This coat was Made in Canada, and is in Very Good condition. It does have some minor spotting and scufffs, the largest of which is one the UNDERSIDE of the right-hand lapel and so it cannot be seen when the coat is worn. The buckle is also slightly bent, but this does not affect its function.

This coat is in Very Good condition, and so is a bargain at just $79, or offer, boxed, shipped, and insured in the USA.


Chest: 21
Sleeve: c. 35
Shoulder: NA
Length (BOC): 43


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