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STUNNING Plaid Duffle Coat by Polo Ralph Lauren.

Size L. Made in the USA.

Chest: 29 (remember, this is an oversized duffle!)
Sleeve: c. 36
Length: 47 1/2

This is absolutely beautiful! Cut as a full-length duffle coat, this is a wonderful classic yet versatile plaid duffle--utterly trad., and perfect for weekend use walking the dog in the Maine woods, picking up coffee in Copley Square, visiting the Met, or just browsing the Berkeley bookstores on Telegraph Ave..

It has all of the features you'd want in a first-rate duffle; genuine turned wooden toggles with twisted rope attachments, a shaped "pancake" hood with a fully functional throat latch and studs on the hem so that it can be easily adjusted for a perfect snug fit when it's raining or windy, and functional adjuster straps on the sleeves. It features the traditional double-layer shoulder cape of all good duffles, and has two large patch pockets. It's also full-length, making this the warmest coat you'll ever own, and is lined in beautiful loden green.

This was made in the USA from the traditional duffle blend of 85% wool (for warmth) and 15% nylon (for longevity). Apart from a small ding on one of the toggles--which doesn't affect function and can hardly be seen--this is is excellent condition!

Asking just $115, or offer, boxed, shipped, and insured in the USA.

STUNNING Plaid Duffle Coat by Polo Ralph Lauren.

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