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Small Laguoile Pocket Knife

Measuring c. 3 3/4" long this is a wonderful knife for every day carrying. It was likely made in Thiers, France--or, failing that, Laguoile itself. (It features the hallmark on the base of the blade that guarantees its origins, as well as the Laguoile logo used by knives from the Laguoile region.) The handle is a stunningly beautiful dark, dark green wood with very subtle natural mottling; the bolsters and case are solid brass. The spine is decorated in traditional Laguoile style with stylized shrubbery, and it features a solid steel bee.

The blade is extremely high quality steel, and possibly unused.

This knife comes complete with its original leather case that was--of course!--made in France.

This knife is in absolutely excellent condition, apart from some minor (and completely uniform) tarnishing to the brass. This happens naturally over time, and occurred during this knife's storage. It could be easily polished away, or else ignored--I would advise ignoring it as the patina is beautiful.

Asking just $65, OR OFFER, boxed, shipped, and insured in the USA--a bargain for a knife of this provenance and quality with its original case!

Small Laguoile Pocket Knife

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