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Large Laguoile Pocket Knife--with case, corkscrew, and sharpener!

This is simply GORGEOUS--far more than just a pocket knife this is a work of art!

Measuring c. 4 3/8" long this Laguoile pocket knife was made in the Laguoile region, likely in Thiers, the center of the high-quality French knife industry. The knife carries both the open-blade logo of the Laguoile region, and also the French guarantee stamp on the base of the blade.

The jet black handle is possibly made from ebony; it is absolutely gorgeous and has both beautiful depth and grain. It is inset with the traditional seven brass insets forming a cross. The bolsters and casing are solid brass, and the steel spine of the knife is decorated with a sinuous and stylized wind-blown grass reminiscent of that which would be cropped by the shepherd's sheep on the Massif Central.

Naturally, this knife features the solid steel bee, beautifully carved and stylized. The corkscrew originates from the desires both of shepherds--this is, after all, a French knife!--and also the waiters of Thiers and Paris, who also recognized the advantages of having a knife of this quality.

The blade is exceptionally high quality steel; it does have three minor lines from (very) occasional use, but these do NOT affect the cutting edge of the blade and would appear after a few uses in any case.

As well as the corkscrew this knife comes complete with its original sharpener--this is completely unused and so is in perfect condition.

And this knife comes complete with its original leather case--which was, of course, Made in France.

This knife is in absolutely excellent condition, and is a bargain at just $89, or offer, boxed, shipped, and insured in the USA!

Large Laguoile Pocket Knife

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