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GRAIL! Langrock 3/2 sack in "Holiday Red"

With a *possible* connection to the movie *Dead Poets Society*!


Chest: 22
Sleeve: 24 5/8 (+2)
Shoulder: 18 1/2
Length: 29 3/4

This is absolutely beautiful! Cut from a cloth with such a soft hand and beautiful drape that I thought at first it was cashmere (I now believe it to be wool) this beautiful jacket is from Langrock--THE store of the Golden Age of Ivy Style, and the leader of the Big Five Ivy clothiers of Princeton.

Cut as a 3/2 sack with a high lapel roll, this is fully canvassed and fully lined. It has the classic two-button cuffs of an Ivy sack--here, in red to match the "Holiday Red" of the jacket. It has lovely narrow lapels and very soft shoulders. The lining is scarlet, just in case you had any doubt as to what color this jacket was! This is a really beautiful jacket--my pictures do not do it justice at all.

It features a lapped seam down the center back and a single hook vent. It is in absolutely excellent condition--except that it has a small surface smudge on the back of the left hand shoulder, and a very small surface smudge near the hem. These will likely come out with dry cleaning easily, and are faint--my camera couldn't capture them at all, although this is possibly because the jacket is so saturated with colour!

This was Union Made in the USA during the late 1960s--the heyday of Ivy Style.

It also has a possible connection to *Dead Poets Society*! The original owner of this jacket was "Pickering"... and this might be Sam Pickering (Princeton MA and PhD) who was the inspiration for the teacher played by Robin Williams in *Dead Poets Society*. The dates for the original sale of this jacket fit when he was at Princeton, this is an unusual name, and this jacket would fit with his style and size. So, this was *possibly* originally his!

Of course, this provenance isn't certain, and so plays no role in pricing this beautiful jacket.... which is a steal at just $59, or offer, boxed and shipped in the USA!

Langrock 3/2 sack in "Holiday Red"

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