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PLEASE NOTE: This is the *perfect* size for trips lasting two or three days, and qualifies as carry-on luggage with US airlines! :)


The Land's End Canvas Attache was a classic 1980s preppy icon; stylish and durable, it lived up to the marketing that touted it as being the ideal bag for everyone, from preppy students to Wall Street tycoons. And unlike many advertising claims, Land's End's proud boast that their Square Rigger Attache was carried on commuter trains in New York and Chicago, airliners heading to Paris, Ivy League students heading to the gym, and by tycoons hiding behind the smoked glass of private stretch limos was almost certainly all true.


Land's End attache came in two sizes; the regular single-compartment attache, and the much rarer Deluxe Attache. The Deluxe Attache boasted two separate zippered compartments, and was designed not only for use as an everyday bag for also as a weekend travel bag--it had plenty of room for two of three days' clothing.


Incredibly well-made and beautifully designed so that its form followed its function, the Deluxe Attache featured two main zippered compartments that functioned independently of each other; clothing in one and laptop and paperwork in the other, for example, or unworn clothing in one side and laundry in the other. Both sides were packed with pockets and places to store smaller items securely.


Like the Attache, the Deluxe Attache was made from extremely study canvas. The zippers were heavy-duty and heavy gauge YKK plastic zippers that were considerably more durable than its metal counterparts; these operated on a two-way zipping system so they could be closed from either end, and featured oversize loop pulls for ease of use. The bag could be carried by the lather handles, secured to the body of the bag by thick webbing canvas straps, or by the long shoulder strap with the leather shoulder protector. The strap was secured to the bag by heavy oversized brass fittings.


This bag also has a full-size back pocket for paperwork and newspapers (remember them?) and can also zip out so that it can be laid flat, making everything inside easily accessible.

This was Made in the USA.

As with many classic items, this bag is NO LONGER MADE; the version that Land's End now sells is made from a different material, and is "imported"--which means made somewhere Land's End doesn't really want to advertise!

This particular bag is in Very Good condition; it has a few minor spots and scuffs from use, and the original owner's name written faintly above the logo on the front, and telephone number on the interior.


This measures c.18 1/4" long, c.13.5" tall, and c.5" wide--although being canvas its width is expandable.


This is a truly lovely, rare bag, and, as such, it's a bargain at just $50, or offer, shipped in the USA.


Land's End Deluxe Canvas Attache

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