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CLASS of '56!​

c. 40, 42. Measurements:

Chest: 21 1/8
Sleeve: 25 3/4 (+1 3/4)
Shoulder: 18 1/4
Length: 32

I don't use the term "museum quality" lightly, but this beautiful jacket most certainly qualifies as it is precisely the sort of jacket that was featured in the Fashion Institute of Technology's 2013 exhibition on "Ivy Style" as being quintessentially Ivy.

This is no ordinary jacket--this is a specially designed Ivy League Reunion jacket, made for a member of Dartmouth's Class of '56.

Reunion Jackets are rare, especially on the secondary market; very few are made, and these tend to be saved by the children and grandchildren of their original owners. And this is a lovely example. Judging by the interior Union label this was made for the Ten Year Reunion of Dartmouth's Class of '56, and it is a classic example of 1960s Ivy Style.

Cut as a traditional 1960s 3/2 sack, this has wonderfully narrow lapels with a lovely roll. It also features three patch pockets on the front, with the breast pocket featuring the "1956" embroidery that identifies this as a Reunion Jacket. It is, of course, cut from lovely wool flannel is classic "Dartmouth Green". This jacket is fully canvassed and half lined, and has a single center vent. It features three button cuffs, and was originally sold by James Campion, the traditional Ivy outfitters for Dartmouth's Ivy Set. It features three button cuffs and a single center vent, and has very natural shoulders.

It was, of course, Union made in the USA, and apart from some minor dusting on the collar crease--which will come out with dry-cleaning and, in any case, cannot be seen when worn--and a small rub on the edge of one interior pocket this is in excellent condition, despite being over 50 years old. But then, that's only to be expected--Reunion Jackets were worn very, very rarely, and cherished between outings.

Given the rarity and beauty of this jacket--as well as its museum quality--it's a bargain at just $65, or offer, boxed and shipped in the USA.


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