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GORGEOUS Vintage Brooks Brothers "Brookslinen" 3/2 sack jacket with patch pockets!

c. 42, 43. Measurements:

Chest: 21 3/4
Sleeve: 24 1/2 (+1 1/2)
Shoulder: 18 3/4
Length: 32

This is absolutely beautiful! Cut from a wonderful butter yellow linen, this wonderful "Brookslinen" jacket is a classic Ivy 3/2 sack with patch pockets and a single center vent. It is fully lined in a beautiful cream lining that complements the butter yellow linen perfectly, and is also half-canvassed.

It has two button cuffs; all of the buttons are the original beautiful pearly "summer" buttons that Brooks liked to use in the 1960s.

This was Made in the USA.

This jacket is in excellent condition, albeit with three small flaws. First, one of the cuff buttons of the left hand sleeve has snapped in two; this could be replaced. Second, there is a very small brown mark on the leading edge of the placket, and, finally, a very small faint dark smudge on the left hand sleeve by the cuff. Neither of these small marks could really be seen when this is worn, but they are there.

This jacket is thus a bargain at just $49, or offer, boxed and shipped in the USA.

GORGEOUS Vintage Brooks Brothers "Brookslinen" 3/2 sack jacket

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