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c. 1960's Vintage "Letterman" Collegiate Jacket,

Produced for a Pa. Fire Company!

Size: Vintage 44 (possibly modern 42, 40)

The Collegiate jacket has become such a classic item of American clothing that it's now often used in movies and television shows--esp. those set in the 1960s--to signal that the character wearing it is an "All American" kid. It is also one of the most sought-after items among the Ivy-loving Japanese, with original examples (such as this) in very small sizes (alas, unlike this!) commanding premium prices.

It's not difficult to see why this jacket became so popular. Fitting similarly to a Harrington Collegiate jackets are extremely comfortable and easy to wear. With their knit hems and cuffs they fit neatly and cleanly while maintaining warmth, and leather sleeves in (typically) contrasting colors make them considerably more dashing than their Harrington cousins. And, of course, their association with Varsity sports teams only added to their American appeal.

Original examples from the 1960s are becoming increasing hard to find, and, irrespective of size or their original stated affiliation, are starting to command premium prices on eBay.

I'm accordingly very pleased to offer this lovely example--all the more so because, unlike many Collegiate jackets, this one doesn't proclaim that its wearer was a member of a particular sports team, an attribute that in many cases makes all but collectors shy from wearing originals.

Featuring a classic color combination of blue and cream, this lovely jacket has a dark navy body and sleeves with contrasting cream leather shoulders and pocket trims. (This material is leather, but leather that has been especially treated to withstand dry-cleaning--at least according to the tag on the interior!) The knit cuffs and hem feature the same cream as the leather shoulders and trim, and a lighter blue to complement and offset the primary color of the jacket. The jacket features a lovely quilted lining for warmth, and a beautifully fluid YKK zipper at the front.

This jacket features a full complement of original labels; it was made by the "Maple" company.

This jacket was originally owned by "Jim" of the Newtown Fire Assoc., Station 45--as proudly proclaimed by its embroidery! This renders this jacket much easier to wear than a sports team jacket; no-one will assume that you're trying to pass yourself off as a volunteer firefighter from c.1965, but will realize that you're wearing a classic piece of Americana.

This jacket is clearly an original vintage jacket; as such, it is in Very Good/Excellent condition. It could benefit from a cleaning, as it has some minor surface lint from the last 50 years of closet storage. The only real blemish is some minor age discoloration to one of the leather shoulders, as shown. This is a lovely, wearable item of classic Americana!

Asking just $65, or offer, boxed and shipped in the USA. International inquires are welcome, with shipping at cost.

Tagged 44 (vintage), this measures:

Chest: 23
Sleeve: 24 1/2 (35 1/4", measured like a shirt)
Shoulder: 20 1/2 (slopes into the sleeve)
Length (bottom of collar at back): 24

1960's Vintage "Letterman" Collegiate Jacket

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