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WONDERFUL silk vest with foxes' masks, by Wathne!


Perfect for wearing under tweed!

This is absolutely beautiful! The Wathne company was founded by three Icelandic sisters (Soffia, Berge and Thorunn) who are descended from King Harold Fairhair of Norway (hence the crown on their label) The company is based in Nantucket--a location chosen because the sisters fell in love with it in the mid 1980s after sailing into the harbour on their sloop *Outrageous*.

Wathne specializes in private-label items with a fishing and hunting theme--and this vest is a classic example of their wares. Although there is no fabric content listed it is clearly all silk, and features a wonderful pattern of highly detailed fox "masks" (i.e., fox faces). The vest features two functional front pockets, and two silk strips to tie or pin at the back for shape. It is in absolutely excellent condition--the two front pockets are still basted shut! It fastens with buttons that features a beautifully detailed stag's head with antlers.

Asking just $35, or offer, boxed and shipped in the USA.

Tagged M. Measures:

Width: 18 1/2
Length: 25 1/2

WONDERFUL silk vest with foxes' masks, by Wathne

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