"Guaranteed to wrinkle"

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If the 1970s was "the decade that style forgot" the 1980s was the "decade that remembered classic style". Part a reaction to the overblown looks and polyester focus on the '70s, part a natural response to the lavish British "costume dramas" such as *Chariots of Fire* and *Brideshead Revisited* that were set in the inter-war years among the British upper-class, the 1980s saw a resurgence and updating of classic Ivy Style.

Some of this was due to the marketing genius of Ralph Lauren, who made the Ivy version of the WASP look fashionable... largely because he was influenced by Norman Hilton, who was hired by Ralph Lauren to oversee some of his early menswear collections, and who imprinted upon them the Ivy Style that he had pioneered.

This suit is a lovely example of Ralph Lauren's 1980s re-imagining of Ivy Style. Cut from cotton, this suit was guaranteed to wrinkle... A definite selling point in the early 1980s as this would show that this suit was indeed made from natural fibres, and not the wrinkle-free fabrics of the 1970s.

Deliberately intended to be the same shade of linen-beige that Brooks Brothers used in its Wash and Wear suits in the 1960s, this is cut as a contemporary two button suit with subtle darts. Half-canvassed, fully lined, and with four button cuffs, this has a single rear vent with beautifully cut lapels. The trousers are pleated, and cuffed.

This suit was Union Made in the USA, and is in excellent (and relatively unwrinkled) condition.

Asking just $59, OR OFFER, boxed and shipped in the USA.

VINTAGE Polo Ralph Lauren Summer Suit