This is a true grail item, in lovely condition!

c. 40L. Measurements:

Chest: 20 1/2
Sleeve: 25 1/8 (+1 1/2)
Shoulder: 17 1/4
Length: 32 1/4

This lovely Harris Tweed jacket dates from the 1950s... around a decade after the War ended, and during Eisenhower's administration. JFK had only just entered the Senate, and hadn't started campaigning for the presidency. The birth control pill hadn't yet been invented. The boys who were to become the Beatles were still just Liverpool teenagers with an interest in American Rock and Roll. Britain was sill suffering under post-war rationing. And the America South was still legally segregated by race.

The world that this jacket was made in was a very, very different world to that which we inhabit now.

This jacket is thus a garment with history--and one that quite possibly had ringside seats to some of it, for the original purchaser of a 3/2 sack in Harris Tweed would have been both wealthy and Ivy back in the 1950s.

But this jacket doesn't rest on its historic laurels. It is cut from a truly beautiful and very mid-century Harris Tweed in classic and versatile earth tones with the bolder vertical stripes that are classically Harris. It is cut as a 3/2 sack, and features a single center vent. It is half-canvassed and half-lined, and has the traditional Ivy two button cuffs. All of the buttons appear original, and the lining is a lovely mid-century striped lining.

This jacket was Union Made in the USA.

It is in overall Very Good condition. It has the start of a very minor fray in the lining near the seam at the shoulder, and could use a dry clean and a press to freshen it up. Given its age, this has clearly been very well cared for indeed! It's ready to give you--and your children, and possibly grandchildren-another 70 years of service.

Asking just $60, or offer, boxed, shipped, and insured for this wonderful piece of vintage startorial hostory!

Vintage 1950s Harris Tweed 3/2 Sack Jacket


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