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GRAIL! Stunning 1960 Cashmere 3/2 sack... By "Rogers Peet x Marston"!

Tagged 42L. Measurements:

Chest: 21 1/2
Sleeve: 25 1/2 (+2 1/4)
Shoulder: 18
Length: 31 1/2

This is absolutely gorgeous, and in simply incredible condition!

Long before companies realized the marketing advantages of collaborating with "heritage" menswear brands ("Land Rover x Barbour", "Levis x Filson", and so on) there was a groundbreaking collaboration between Rogers Peer--the preeminent upscale department store of New York City--and Marston, its West Coast equivalent.

Although this collaboration was not heralded with press conferences at hooplah--neither the old-money Rogers Peet nor the civic-minded George Marston would have even considered something so vulgar--the wealthy denizens of San Diego did take notice when they saw in the labels of the clothing they were considering not just one, but two, of the most prominent names in upscale retail. And what cool Californian wouldn't want something from Rogers Peet in their wardrobe--especially when visiting the actual store wouldn't be at all easy, or cheap!

This jacket is one of the few surviving items from that historic collaboration... and given its incredible quality both Rogers Peet and Marston's would be proud that its survived to show the quality of their joint wares.

Although there is no fabric content listed this is clearly cashmere--and not the thin stuff so widely available in malls today, but the seriously soft and luxurious cashmere of the middle of last century. And the patterning and colourway are just as remarkable as the softness of the cloth; a wonderful shepherds' check in peat black, midnight blue, with chestnut accents. beautiful--and utterly mid-century.

The jacket does full justice to the cloth. Cut as a 3/2 sack with an exceptionally elegant lapel roll, this is half-lined in striped lining to complement the cloth, and is fully canvassed. It has a single center vent. It also has three patch pockets--all of which are fitted with center reverse pleats, both for function and style.

Naturally, this jacket was Union Made in the USA.

less naturally for a jacket that was made on November 4th, 1960, this is in incredible condition. I am very conservative in grading vintage pieces, and so would never call one Mint--but this comes very close, and is in absolutely excellent condition. It was clearly worn sparingly, if at all.... Maybe it was even bought as a souvenir of the Peet x Marston collaboration.

One thing that is bittersweet is the date--November, 1960. Within a year of this jacket's being finished and sent West Marston's was no more.

This is a true Grail item--but one that is utterly wearable. A contemporary jacket of this quality would retail on the secondary market for quite a bit; a jacket with this history far more. So, it's hard to price this... But since my approach here has always been to price items so that even I, a very frugal buyer, would be very pleased with the bargain, how about just $75, or offer, boxed, shipped, and insured in the USA?

A piece of sartorial history for less than the cost of a used recent jacket from Brooks on the 'bay! ;)

Stunning 1960 Cashmere 3/2 sack... By "Rogers Peet x Marston

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