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GRAIL! Stunning 1950s/1960s Harris Tweed Jacket.

In almost perfect condition--with a VERY rare Harris Tweed label and classic period lining!

c. 38. Measurements:

Chest: 19 3/4
Sleeve: 24 1/2 (+1 3/4)
Shoulder: 17 3/4
Length: 30

This jacket is absolutely beautiful! Made in the 1950s or 1960s this is cut from a stunningly beautiful Harris Tweed twill that is a heathery mix of mossy greens and slate greys... and being from the middle of the last century this is THE Harris Tweed that made the fabric famous--thick, dense, FAR heavier than current Harris Tweed, and slightly hairy!

This is as close to the Platonic Form of tweed as Harris gets!

The jacket is cut as a traditional mid-C20th century tweed, with a high three button front, single buttons on the cuffs, and a single center vent. It is half-canvassed, and half-lined--the lining is a wonderful mid-century "old gold" base with geometric roundels patterned throughout.

In addition to this, the Harris Tweed label is exceptionally rare. In addition to being a black label--which was not that unusual in the middle of the last century--this label notes that the Harris Tweed is a "Reg. Canadian Mark"--a designation that I've never sen before, but which likely indicates that this jacket had been certified as Harris Tweed by the appropriate Canadian authorities for the Canadian market. Given this--and the cut, together with the single button cuffs--indicates that this jacket was made in the United Kingdom for the Canadian market.

As well as its beauty, period-perfect lining, and rare label, this jacket is in simply stunning condition! It is possible that this was purchased (maybe on a trip to Canada c. 1956), stored away carefully--and never worn!

This is thus an extremely rare opportunity to acquire a jacket of this quality, condition, and vintage without the need for a time machine! This jacket is thus extremely well-priced at just $69, or offer, boxed, shipped, and insured in the USA.

Stunning 1950s/1960s Harris Tweed Jacket

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