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LANGROCK of Princeton

Classic Ivy Holiday Trousers!

THE Ivy Style store--just prior to its demise it ran full-page advertisements stating that it was the ONLY store in America to retain "The American Look"!--it sold beautiful, classic clothing to generations of Princeton men before its closure in the 1990s.

These trousers are lovely--a classic mossy green with overchecking in berry red and dark harvest golden-yellow, they are flat front and cuffed. These is no fabric listed, but despite feeling like pure wool they are labelled as including "synthetic fibers". But the synthetics that these contain are NOT the same as we encounter today; they were carefully produced to mimic almost exactly the feel of natural fibers. While a new polyester tie is clearly poly, a late 1960s poly tie can be easily mistaken for silk, even at close quarters and when handled. The fact that these trousers are partly synthetic is thus no bar to these being awesome! ;)

The zipper on the fly is an original 1960s TALON, and works perfectly!

These are VERY lightweight--the picture of them appearing to have white patches on them is actually a picture taken to show how lightweight they are, with light shining through them!

Very Good condition. Waist: 17 1/2; inseam: 32 (+1 1/2), with 1" cuff. Asking just $28, or offer, shipped in the USA.

LANGROCK of Princeton Classic Ivy Holiday Trousers!

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