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Incotex Trousers!

A Venetian company with a history of making military uniforms for the Italian Army, Incotex specializes in extremely beautiful trousers, with an eye to detail.

These are a lovely example of their work! Cut almost entirely from cotton with some additional stretch, they have all of the proper Incotex details--the blue loop belt holder that distinguishes Incotex trousers from others, the V-cut on the belt line for comfort, and the lovely lining with a stitched inner border that facilitates freedom of movement.

Excellent condition, and made in Italy, these originally retailed for around $450.. So how about $35, boxed and shipped in the USA?

Waist: 18 1/4 (+1)
Inseam: 30 1/4 (+ 1 3/4" cuff)

Incotex Trousers!

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