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Giles Hevair Vest!

Handmade in Lyons, France, from Lyon silk.

Tagged EU 52 (US 42)

Width: 21 1/2
Length: 24 1/4

Giles Hevair is an artisan with a workshop at 14 Rue de Brest, Lyons. SInce 1994 he has specialized in hand-making bowties, cravats, and vests--mainly from silk produced either in Lyons itself, or within 50km of the city, but also from French cotton and cashmere.

Like many artisans, Giles is passionate about his products, and so while he will sell bow ties through his website if you want one of his vest you'll have to visit him in person at his workshop--he simply won't sell them online.

So, unless you plan a trip to Lyons soon you're out of luck... Unless you buy this vest from me!

This is a wonderful example of Giles' work. Cut as a traditional vest with a rear buckle adjuster, this is hand-made by Giles from beautifully soft, silky cotton--as indicated by the interior tag that was hand-written by Giles himself. This vest with its classic gold and blue paisley patterning would be perfect paired with tweeds.

Asking just $39, or offer, boxed and shipped in the USA.

Giles Hevair Vest!

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