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Cheeky 1970s Tweed!

c. 38, 40S. Measurements:

Chest: 20 1/2
Sleeve: 24 1/8
Shoulder: 18 1/2
Length: 29 1/2

If you know menswear well you'll know immediately what decade this jacket was from--and if you know menswear very well you'll also be able to guess what sort of person originally bought this!

The slightly wide lapels and the scalloped pocket flaps place this in the 1970s.... But that the lapels are not too wide and the scalloping more an echo of a British hacking jacket than a deliberate fashion statement places this jacket as one that was bought by someone more used to classic clothing, who was making a tentative foray into the 1970s.

Let's hope that he retreated quickly... But he didn't make any egregious errors with this jacket! While most 1970s items that veer towards the fashionable are rather garish, this little gem is more cheeky--there's something very appealing about its knowingly moving towards being fashionable but not quite being willing to commit!

This means that this is utterly wearable today! It's also very versatile, with a lovely striped tweed of dove grey, petrol blue, and berry red accent stripe. It is a two button model with very subtle darts, a single rear vent, and two button cuffs.

It was Union made in the USA, and is in excellent condition!

Asking just $29, or offer, boxed and shipped in the USA.

Cheeky 1970s Tweed

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